Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Conned by pics and promises of women

Tuesday December 14, 2010
Conned by pics and promises of women
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Compiled by Sylvia Looi

PICTURES of scantily-clad females, with promises of a good time with the women, are being used by a syndicate to get unsuspecting men to part with their money, reported China Press.

Teaser pictures of these women are posted on social networking sites by the syndicate and anyone who wanted to view more pictures would have to pay a fee online.

Besides the pictures, the daily said, some women offered sexual services.

One woman asked interested parties to bank RM300 as a condition to meet the payee.

However, the men who banked the cash in found out they were conned when they failed to get the promised sexual service or pictures.

> The high suicide rate of late is the subject of Sin Chew Daily’s editorial.

The daily noted that in the past week, at least four suicide cases were reported.

“There are many reasons that drive a person to suicide, but the main reason offered by all the victims is that they had lost hope with world,” it said.

As of August, according to official figures, 445 people had committed suicide – the majority being men, aged between 30 and 39.

The daily urged the authorities and non-governmental organisations to join hands and find ways to arrest the unhealthy trend.

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