Monday, March 7, 2011

Someone uses google to cheat---This letter cannot be real

P O BOX 1010

Attention Dear Google Lottery Winner:

This email is to notify you about the ongoing Google Lottery Held on 2nd of
Febuary 2011,liverpool,United Kingdom.This is to inform you that your email
address has won you the sum of 800,000.00 Great British Pounds in the google
lottery promotion.This lottery was carried out as a means of appreciating
google users,and you email address happens to be among ONE of our Lucky
winners.We also want to use this medium to also tell you
to inform your friends to keep on using google as there are lot of more gifts
coming in from Google lottery board.Your lottery winning has already been
deposited in one of the fastest courier company here in United Kingdom,It
will take just 3:45 minutes for them
to deliver your funds to you.the name of the courier is GREYHOUND EXPRESS
DELIVERY SERVICE.this courier company will be responsible for the delivery of
your lottery winning to your house address in your country.

NOTE:The google lottery board has already payed for the insurance fee,Tax,so
the only fee you are to pay to the courier company is the shipment fee which
we feel will not be a problem to you.immediately contact the courier company
with the below information:


GreyHound Courier LTD Uk
Address: Devonshire Point,Challenge Road,
Ashford Middlesex TW15 1HX
United Kingdom.

Dispatch officer:Mr.Barry White

Write to them via email upon receipt of this mail without wasting time. You
are to Furnish them with your:

Full name..
Scan copy of your identity card/passport(very important)
Monthly salary..
Phone number..
Ticket Number:GLE/WINNER/xxxxxxx.

Also you are to include your Ticket Number:GLE/WINNER/xxxxxxx as subject of
any letter to the courier company for their quick response to your mail. Once
again, keep us posted on any development with the courier Company, in
relation to your lottery winnings.

We want to advise you to keep on using google.

Best Regards,
Google Lottery Promotions.

Blogger: I purposely take out the ticket number in case someone might try to response to it and get con. You see how they try to con you. You still have to pay shipment fee and this is the catch. You have won 800,000 pound and they want you to pay for the shipment fee. You see the point, when you pay the shipment fee, you can kiss your money good bye. You will never get the 800,000 pound because it is just a con job.

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