Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scam Letter

I am a member of a social website. I often received attractive offers and I considered these offers to be scam in action. I am just wondering why there are so many people fell prey to such scheme.

This message was sent to me on July 18, 2010 at 4:24:17 am. Before I could open the message, the sender has already deleted some pertinent information.

The format of the scam letters are quite similar, just the name of the sender is different. I will show you more letters when I have the time to dig out the data from my file.

Readers, next time when you received similar offer letter, you know it is a scam because there simply cannot be so much money of the same nature flowing thru the internet. The story is similar, probably copy from other scam letters.

I append below the message I received earlier:



Date:Sunday, July 18, 2010 4:24:17 AM


Good wishes,

I ask for your urgent assistance in helping me to conclude a transaction which I will introduce to you upon your reply to my private email, I am a staff in the Bank where I work, so I urge you to get back to me immedaitely via my email to enable me furnish you with the full details of the transaction, which will yeld us money and also we will invest in a lucrative business in your country as soon as the transaction matured, I will fly down to your country to meet with you in person. The amount we are talking about in this deal is about usd21M. The I will give you more details upon your reply.

Reply me via my email immedaitely.


Blogger: immediately and yield also spelled wrong. US 21 million dollars deal, very attractive. I tell you they are using big figure to entice you. It is just empty talk. They might be happy even if they can secure USD 2000 dollars or even USD 200 dollars. They used words to attract money, it is good return.

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