Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mrs Elizabeth Allen, suspected cancer scammer

Mrs Elizabeth Allen is another case of suspected scammer. On June 19, 2010, 1:16:40, she wrote to me telling me that she suffered from cancer and her doctor said that she would die in two months’ time and she wanted to transfer her fortune to me.

Blogger: I sympathized with her situation and told her to seek treatment and I did not want her money and she could donate it to the cancer foundation.
On the same day at 1:39:56 AM, she wrote back and said:
Dear KC,

Thank you very much for your words of hope. I really apprecaite your email. I will be glade if you can assist me. If i can have your information thus, Your full Name and Address, Your Telephone Number, I will forward to my Lawyer for proper documentation so that the Fund will be transfer to you to carry up the Job.
Await for your respond,

Mrs. Elizabeth Allen

Blogger: glade should be spelled glad.

I replied and told her I did not want her money and wanted her to donate the money to the cancer foundation. This was the e-mail:

Mrs Elizabeth, I am sorry to hear about your condition. My father also suffer from cancer. He has left me on Mar 21, 2010. I hope you donate your money to the cancer foundation. Even if you give your money to me, I will also try to work to help the cancer patient. There is new technology come out in China. Maybe can help you. I try to connect for you.
On the same day at 2:40:41 am, she again insisted that I should take the money. This is her message:


I want you to help me handle this. This fund, according to my Lawyer, that as soon as you have agree, This fund will be transfer through a cash delivering to your address which you provide.

Please i need you assistance to handle this offer.

Mrs. Elizabeth

Blogger;This is what I said:

Elizabeth, I have been thru many cases of people offering money to me. There is this exchange control if the fund is too big I wonder our central bank will allow it to transfer in. Please donate it to cancer foundation. If you can give me your e-mail address, I will refer your case to another friend who is in China performing cancer treatment for people in China. I am sure you still have hope.

After that she did not write back and later when I checked back on Tagged, she deleted her profile picture. I suspect it is another cases of scam. It comes in different way and form.

I save her picture in my computer. She can delete it from Tagged, but I still have her profile picture as follows:

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