Saturday, June 5, 2010

Someone try to con me

Today, I got a message on tagged telling me that he
has got a business proposal and asked me to give him my e-mail address.

I send him my e-mail address.  This Abdul Hamid responded at 4.49 pm

Dear KC,

Am really glad for your interest.

The fund is about 3.6mil US dollars, which i don't really know how much it is in your country's currency.

The money is to be brought in through international diplomats, because if it should be sent through bank may be tied down by the bank.

My client wants to invest in five star hotels and in transportation sector.

One has to risk himself before you achieve what you want in life, that's why i believe that a respectable man of your caliber would be capable.

According to my clients, 60% of the investment shall remain his while the remaining 40% goes to two of us.

Hope you understand clearly what i just said now.

Hope to hear from you.
Abdul Hamid (Barr.)

This is Abdul Hamid'sphoto on tagged. But later he deleted.

At 6.15pm, I wrote back to him.

Abdul Hamid,

If the fund is not brought in thru TT, then I would not be interested.

I have been thru the diplomatic  business and I know what is it.

Thank you.



At 6.29 pm, Abdul Hamid responded to say:

Its ok by me then.

we will have to get your account details to help forward the money down to your country.

Is that ok then?

I reply to him at 7.02 pm and say:

Abdul Hamid,

Once you mentioned diplomat, I know how the game is  being played. Thank you, I would not want to pursue.


Later, I checked tagged again,he deleted his profile and his photo.

This kind of people are very smart and very fast. You don't play with them.  Once you responded, you will get hook.  I have many encounters but I have not been conned because once they asked me for money, I know they try to con me.

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