Thursday, November 25, 2010

Letter from Micheal2240 of tagged

I think this is another scam. Read the story which is so similar. I received it from tagged on Nov 25, 2010 3:40pm

Hello dear, This may meet you as a surprise but i have to start by introducing myself to you, I am Mr,Andrew Elliot the United Nation regional Director mid east, i am in charger of machinery equipment and maintenance. We had a partner who represent us and purchases our lubricant in whole of Asia, for the past one month

we have been trying to reach him on phone but his phone were not going through, we have sent him several email but there has not been any response from him and this product is highly needed now. We have the information of the agent who sells this product to him but she does not understand English and does not want to discuss with us because of the language barrier, Now we want you to stand as our representative and discuss with her so that we can be giving you the money to purchase this product on our behalf and supply to us. Your urgent response is highly required here so that we can furnish you up with the detail information of the company in charge of the lubricant oil. Best regards. Andrew Elliot

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