Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hassan Abu Bakar's story--another scam in operation in Malaysia. Beware

I have received this letter from one Hassan Abu Bakar in my e-mail. To me, it is another scam in operation in Malaysia. If you believe and respond, this guy will ask you to come out with money to pay for the tax. When you paid, he will keep asking until you cannot pay and he will disappear. You will never see the strong box that contained 6.5 million USD clean cash because it never existed, anyway. It is just in words and in Hassan Abu Bakar's imagination.

If you have time, read the letter. I have received similar letters and I will put them up when I have the time.(You see his own name also can spell wrong. Hassan becomes Hassah.)

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Hassah Abubakar

Dear How are you and your family? let me introduce myself. I am Hassan Abubak...

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10:04 PM (12 hours ago)
Hassah Abubakar
to me

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Dear How are you and your family? let me introduce myself. I am Hassan
Abubakar the eldest son of late karim Abubakar. . I am 25yrs old ,and my mother name Jamila Abubakar 59years old widow .

i am the next of kin to the metallic strong box containing 6.5m usd clean cash which is lying down in K.L.I.A for safe keeping. Sir the fund is not a stolen or drug fund.

My late Father die After his death i and my mother had to move to Ghana high commissioner in Malaysia in kuala Lumpur to resettle and also because of the
consignment which was deposited by my late father Karim Abubakar with security company before it was shipped to Malaysia

Sir the original person who suppose to clear the consignment on our behalf here in Malaysia as our beneficiary he later betrayed us after my mother had made all efforts to ship the consignment out of Africa [Zimbabwe] to Malaysia.

He later called us that he is going to take 60% for the total fund, that was when my mother stopped the diplomat not to deliver the consignment to him anymore because he is a greedy man.

my mother now sent me to Malaysia to monitor the consignment. That is the reason why we are seeking for your almost assistance to stand as our new beneficiary to clear the consignment for us as our trustee.

Sir please do render us your TRUST and keep this transaction confidential for security reasons, because the fund is our life and our future. Sir I and my mother have agreed to offer you 30% for your assistance and 10% for any expenses you will carry out during this transaction including your phone calls.

Sir we intend to invest wherever we finally reside and i believe you could be of useful assistance in area of investment. Please kindly reach me.So that I will forward you all the vita document covering the consignment.

Sir please do not under estimate our request because it is very important, we are planning to invest in an hotel business in your country. please kindly send us your full information

thank from Hassan Abubakar and family

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